Our highly experienced team is able to offer you extensive knowledge and knowhow about all the logistics that happens behind the scene for any event whether it is small or large.

We offer our services for event logistics and have been an effective partner for many aid concerts, public/private exhibitions and much more.

Combined with our strong IT solutions we can offer to monitor the hole process from the first idea until the end and then a bit more. A combination off all our skills is offered in one package – Hecksher Solutions.

For further information please contact your local Hecksher Office.


  • One contact person from start to end.
  • Strong transport solution from anywhere in the world.
  • Full visibility through our shipment information system
  • Proactive follow up on all processes securing everything is on schedule.
  • Lease or purchase of various container equipment (reefer, crew containers
  • Hire of Heavy lifts, cranes.
  • Special route planning for larger items with safety car if required.
  • On site construction/dismantling support.
  • Customs service and knowhow of how to handle exhibition cargo on temporary license.
  • Warehousing – long term or short term. Pick and pack. Inventory/stock management via our warehouse management system.