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Hecksher introduces a new customer experience portal

It’s a modern digital platform to help our customers to plan, manage and optimize their supply chain. This is a part of the digitalization plans to better serve our customers and to introduce an improved way of doing business easily and efficiently.

We want to offer our customers full transparency and visibility of their shipments with us. In the portal, they can follow their shipment in real-time and track the cargo all the way from the start to its final destination.

Here are some more features and functionality that are available in the new portal:

Shipment visibility

See everything you need to know about your shipment all in one place. Find departure and arrival times, manage notifications, documents, invoices, and more.

Shipment Status in 30 Seconds
Quick search so you can quickly find ETAs, ETDs. On demand 24/7, without logging in.

Documents Centralized
You can upload, download and get quick access to all documents related to a shipment.

Analytics and Insights
Analyze and optimize your supply chain with new, easy-to-use reporting.

Order Visibility
Simply better planning. Get real-time visibility into order milestones, Ex-factory times, arrival times and more.

We hope the portal will facilitate our customer’s business and give them easy access to all the information and documentation they need, as well as keep track of their cargo – all in one place.

If you need more information about the customer portal or want to request a login, reach out to your local contact at Hecksher.