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New booking features in Customer Portal for improved efficiency and transparency

Now, Hecksher’s customers can book their shipments directly in the Customer Portal introduced earlier this year. By offering this service and streamlining the booking process we will save time and increase efficiency for all parties. In the portal, you can request and review quotes and place bookings directly.

This is a strategic move to better serve our customers and to introduce an improved way of doing business easily and efficiently. As part of this service, we want to offer our customers full transparency and visibility of their shipments with us.

It also saves time and minimizes manual data entry by reducing emails, tedious manual labour and centralized communication in the portal.

We hope the portal will facilitate our customer’s business and give them easy access to all the information and documentation regarding their bookings, as well as keep track of their cargo – all in one place.

If you need more information on how to manage your quotes and bookings in the portal or want to request a login, reach out to your local contact at Hecksher.