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Introducing a new export service from Scandinavia to Iceland

Are you looking to ship goods to Iceland? Great news! By partnering with the Icelandic shipping company FRAKT, we can now offer a seamless export service from Scandinavia to Iceland.

Teaming up with Icelandic shipping company FRAKT

We are happy to announce our new partnership with FRAKT, a prominent local Icelandic shipping company. This collaboration strengthens our position with a competitive and reliable Icelandic partner, enhancing our capabilities in the region.

– I’m very excited about our collaboration with FRAKT, which allows us to extend our services to our Scandinavian customers, offering them a new efficient shipping option to Iceland, says Erik Pedersen, Managing Director for Hecksher Denmark.

Investing in the Icelandic logistics market

Although Iceland is one of Europe’s least densely populated countries, it has a strong import market for Scandinavian goods. The Port of Reykjavik boasts a quayage of over 4,000 meters, specifically designed to accommodate fishing and cargo vessels. Notable imports through this port include petroleum products, fertilizers, cement, and general cargo items.

Our new export service from Scandinavia is a strategic step towards sharpening our focus on Iceland and cultivating a deeper understanding of the market.

– I’m looking forward to expanding our offerings in the Scandinavian market. Our partnership with FRAKT presents an excellent opportunity to address the demand for fast and reliable shipping services to Iceland, says Niklas Olsson, CEO of Hecksher.

Weekly departures to Reykjavik and Thorlakshofn

Our new Iceland service will primarily operate from our Fredericia office, offering weekly departures to Iceland every Friday through our terminal in Aarhus. Cargo shipments will reach Thorlakshofn and Reykjavik on Mondays and Tuesdays, with deliveries to the final destinations completed within the following days. With this new service, we can accommodate a wide range of shipping requests from Scandinavia to Iceland.

Information & Bookings

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In the picture: From left, Arnar Bjarnason FRAKT and Erik Pedersen Hecksher.