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Hecksher Invests in Girls’ Education through Plan International  

In the spirit of the holiday season, we have decided on where to send our annual Christmas donation. This year, it will be given to Plan international. The organization works tirelessly to ensure human rights for young girls around the world, and especially making sure they get access to education. For each additional year spent in school for a young girl in a developing country, it is estimated that her future income increases by 10%. 

Recognizing education as both a fundamental right and a key to independence and empowerment, the donation aims to address the alarming inequalities faced by millions of girls globally. In the shadow of climate change, global famine, and conflicts, girls often find themselves with limited control over their futures.  

“By assisting Plan International, we know that we can reach those who need help the most. In this case, it is girl and young women that unfortunately are marginalized by society. Today, the lack access to an education, and also suffer from being deprived of basic human rights. The importance of Plan International’s work to address these issues cannot be understated. So, it is with great pleasure we hand over our annual Christmas donation to an amazing organization.”, says Patrik Westræus, Head of Sustainability at the Greencarrier Group and Hecksher. 

Read more about Plan and their work here.