Braid achieve first 14001 accreditation for bulk liquid distribution

Glasgow-based Braid Logistics Limited is believed to the first major logistics organisation to achieve ISO 14001 accreditation for its entire distribution management system. The award covers Braid Logistics entire logistics and supply chain process. For Flexitanks, this encompasses the manufacturing of flexitanks to exacting standards through to the unloading and recycling of the equipment once the delivery of the bulk liquid load is complete. For ISO Tanks, Braid has ensured that every detail from the cleaning and preparation of the equipment thorough to completed product delivery and discharge.

The ISO 14001 achievement by Braid Logistics promotes sustainability throughout the entire supply chain, will appeal to industrial organisations as well as to the food and drink industry. Allan Leddra, Braid Group CEO, believes that “Any company focused on its service, product and overall brand reputation, is making sustainability a key measurable element of the supply chain process. ISO 14001 acts as a support to our clients responsible care obligations.” Achieving ISO 14001 accreditation demonstrates to all that Braid Logistics and the Braid Group as a whole, delivers environmental confidence in the corporate regulatory arena. Certification covering just manufacturing, which often ends at the factory gates does not safeguard and work to enhance a sustainability policy that all environmentally conscious companies now demand.

Braid Logistics ISO14001 programme now extends their entire UK operation and it will now be rolled out to the Braid Group’s global network. This independent recognition of Braid’s commitment to safeguards continues to build confidence for their services and products in industries where the standards are exacting and the expectations are high.

Source: Braids