Together with our dedicated and professional partners we offer regular road transport services to and from;

Eastern and Central Europe / UK

Western Europe:
Eastern and Central Europe /UK

And within Eastern and Central Europe / UK


Our experienced staff offer a high level and professional and personal service. Hecksher Eastern and Central European services include;

  • Standard trailers
  • Groupage
  • Frigo trailers
  • Special transports
  • Logistic services
  • Custom formailities
  • Warehousing

Our range of services includes most countries in Eastern and Central Europe;

Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, Romania, Czech, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan

Hecksher have been established on the East and Central European markets since many years, and we are most confident to wellcome you on board.


The Euroliner features a sliding roof together with the benefits of quick easy loading and discharging via the rear doors and the open side access. This trailer is as versatile as the tilt and much quicker to prepare for loading/discharge from any direction. Side posts are easy to remove. The load bearing side curtains are supplemented with cargo restraining straps as standard and further securing points are provided within the trailer to ensure your product arrives safely and in good condition.

All Euroliner trailers are built with air suspension. The internal width is ideal for palletwide loads. This type of equipment is suitable for multi-collection and multi-delivery shipment, allowing for fast location of product with minimal unloading delays. Sealing cords are fitted as standard on every trailer in order that the trailer can be sealed after loading.

  • Overall Length 13.70 m / Internal Length 13,62 m
  • Overall Width 2.50 m / Internal Width 2.48 m
  • Overall Height 4.00 m / Internal Height (from rear) 2.70 m
  • Capacity 34 Europallets


The Flatbed Trailer is one of the most flexible types of equipment. This versatile flat trailer is fitted with cargo winches as standard to provide load security. Additional securing points are available on the trailers to achieve maximum load security.

All these trailers are supplied with sheets, which cover and protect the load. A more flexible and multi-purpose type of equipment is difficult to find.

  • Overall Length 13.60 m / Internal Length 13,36 m
  • Overall Width 2.50 m / Internal Width 2.42 m