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Introducing the findings from our Customer Relations Survey

We are pleased to present the results from our recent Customer Relations Survey, conducted at the end of last year.

The purpose of the survey was to get a better understanding of how our customers assess different aspects of their relationship with us. The survey also aimed to identify strengths and areas for improvement that we could work on with the goal of increasing and maintain good customer relationships.

The feedback from the survey plays a crucial role in helping us understand our customers’ needs and preferences better, allowing us to continuously improve our services.

Customer Satisfaction

We asked our customers about the overall satisfaction with us and Hecksher got a solid 4,53 out of 5 regarding satisfaction.

Additionally, our customers loyalty to Hecksher measured by the Net Promoter Score (NPS), stands at 68 (of 100) which is a delighted result, meaning that our customers very likely can recommend Hecksher to others.

Focus areas for 2024

In summary, we appreciate the positive relationships we’ve built with our customers and are committed to exceeding their expectations.

The survey highlights some key areas which are important and highly valued by our customers such as:

  • Communication: To access a personal contact that is reliable and trustworthy, and that solves their requests with a high level of competence.

  • Proactive approach: To deliver the optimal shipping solutions based on customer needs.

  • High-quality service: Is a top priority of our customers, and we’re fully committed to upholding this standard.

  • Emission Reports: The demand for this type of reporting is higher than ever. Indeed, a positive trend, where more businesses prioritize emissions and sustainability. The report summarizes the customers’ emission in terms of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and nitrous oxides. Hecksher will continue to offer emission reports to our customers – to further raise awareness and work together to reduce them.

  • IT-solutions and digital customer portal: We will continue to work with and introduce customers into our customer portal – Logixboard. The portal will facilitate the customer’s business and give them easy access to all the information and documentation regarding their bookings, and to keep track of their cargo – all in one place.

A heartfelt thank you to all our customers who took the time to participate in the survey. Your valuable feedback drives our commitment to continuous improvement. As we look ahead to 2024, we are looking forward to remaining our partnership with you, while also extending a warm welcome to new customers joining our community. Together, we’ll strive to make this year even more successful and rewarding for all.